Calm Resort Hertelend apartments

Magyarhertelend, a gem in the beautiful Baranya county, is a place where nature and culture meet in a unique way. This quiet little village is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike, and for good reason!
Calm Resort Magyarhertelend is located in an idyllic location near Lake Orfűi, on a picturesque hillside. The village is located right next to the forest, so the proximity and peace of nature is always at hand. In addition, the nearby craft brewery and the thermal spa and sauna park also offer exciting relaxation opportunities.

A paradise for lovers of active rest. There are many hiking trails and bike paths here, an ideal choice for lovers of cycling, hiking, running and cross-country skiing. The surrounding landscape almost invites you to explore.
If you have been touched by the charm of the village, don't hesitate any longer! Choose the apartments of Calm Resort Hertelend, where you can experience the unique harmony of comfort and nature. Book accommodation with us and be a part of the charming world of Magyarhertelend.

Let's meet soon in Magyarhertelend - where an unforgettable experience is born from the meeting of nature and active rest!

Just a few reasons why you should choose Calm Resort in Magyarhertelend...


Because it's for businessmen and travelers too they need to access the internet anywhere!

Pet friendly place

Bring your pet with you, but check the regulations first!


Our guest for morning coffee! Nespresso capsules as a gift.

Jacuzzi & wellness

Unwind in our hot tub or visit the local thermal bath!

Welcome drink

A gift of craft beer from the local Kapucinus Brewery.

Recommended hiking trails

We have compiled hiking and cycling routes recommended for lovers of active recreation.

Early arrival, late departure

More flexible than ever, keeping in mind the comfort and timing of our guests…

Child friendly

We welcome our guests with large families of up to 6-8 people in one apartment.

guest reviews

Calm Resort was a great choice! The apartments are beautifully and creatively designed. The equipment consists of selected, high-quality pieces, as if an interior designer had designed the interior of the buildings. The apartments are also full of surprises, such as the Nescafe coffee capsule holders mounted on the wall, which were filled with capsules, or the lovely wall stickers, the bean bags in the relaxation corner, and the imaginative hangers. The quality of the construction is shown by the fact that until we opened the windows in the morning, the house was completely silent, but as soon as we opened them, the house was filled with the chirping of forest birds. The jacuzzi on the terrace provided the children and us with several hours of program every evening. It is quite likely that we will come back again, because the two days of our stay there only included Orfű and the jacuzzi, but the thermal bath two streets down, for example, no longer.
Sándor Barátfalvy
The accommodation consists of beautifully designed guesthouses in a beautiful environment. The breakfast is plentiful and meets the needs of both those who prefer salty and sweet options. In addition to massaging water jets, pleasant music plays in the jacuzzi on the terrace. I recommend to everyone.
Budai Barbara
Vadon vagy Éden
Wilderness or Eden I arrived late at night, in the dark. Turning onto the signpost leading to the parking lot, my wheel spun. I immediately felt that this place would be different from sitting out on the terrace at home. Our accommodation, the light of the small wooden house, beckoned me in a friendly way. I didn't delay, I grabbed my big sports bag and started already. Taking my familiar steps next to the cottage, I turned back and forth into the darkness. The light of my cap led me into this unknown. The beam of light got stuck sometimes on a copper pig, sometimes on a bush, sometimes on a bacon roaster. But what is beyond these: Wilderness or Eden? The next day I woke up very early, first thing. From the evening I remembered the kitchen corner where the coffee maker is. I sneaked in relentlessly. The pleasant hum of the small Nespresso machine reassured me - I know I'm in the right place. At the first sip, I looked out the wide panoramic window and knew exactly where I was. On the bridge of a cruise ship and in front of me is the endless, motionless sea of fog. But where is the village I passed last night? I remember now. The end of the road was a long, steep climb. Still, so much? All of a sudden, in the lower left corner, a thin streak of smoke broke through the fog and rose sharply up into the motionless air. - Someone else is already awake in the village! If I were Captain Nemo, I could dive and explore this nebulous Atlantis below me. But that won't be necessary, because from the right, very flat, yellowish bands of light appeared, breaking through the fog. Maybe a lighthouse? And indeed, turning towards the light, in the direction of the old oak, I saw a huge, massive, white pillar. This is none other than the whitewashed tower of the village church. The bright disc is hidden behind it, the light of which is split into rays by the waist-length branches of the old oak. I need to see this in the original! I sneak onto the terrace with soft cat steps. You can almost bite the air. I hear rustling behind me. Whistling at me, two naughty little birds swoop down and fly past me, I have to pull my head away from them. They came from the forest behind me. Perhaps they are the first harbingers of the awakening forest. Now I know the answer for sure: EDEN.
Gyula Budai