pet and dog policy

Dear guests!

We warmly welcome you and your pet in our pet-friendly (dog, cat) guesthouses. To ensure a pleasant and trouble-free stay for all of us and for dogs and cats, please observe the following rules:

  1. Allowed dogs: Small and medium-sized, clean, well-groomed dogs are accepted for an additional fee. Unfortunately, we cannot accept large dogs. The dog's vaccination papers are up-to-date and the animal is free of fleas and ticks.

  2. Dogs with hair loss: Dogs that lose a lot of fur cannot be brought into the accommodation.

  3. Cleanliness and Liability: Please note that the pet surcharge does not include the cleaning or restoration of possible contamination or damage. If extra cleaning or repairs are required, the owner may charge an additional fee.

  4. Supervision: Pets should never be left unattended in the room or anywhere in the guest house.

  5. Behavior: Please pay attention to your dog's behavior. If other guests complain about his behavior, our colleagues will draw their attention to them. If the measures do not lead to results, we unfortunately have to ask them to leave the guest house.

  6. Keeping on a leash: Always keep your dogs on a leash in the guest house area.

  7. Environmental awareness: Please pick up your dog's excrement in the guest house area.

  8. Use of spaces: Pets are only allowed on the upper floor of the guest house. Carrying them to bed and upstairs is FORBIDDEN for health and safety reasons!

  9. Bathing: It is forbidden to bathe dogs in the showers.

  10. Personal objects: Please bring your own towel to keep your dog clean.

  11. Playground: Do not bring dogs to the playground in the garden.

  12. Blankets: Please bring a blanket to rest your dog on.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We hope that you and your pets will have a pleasant time at Calm Resort Hertelend.