Our aim is to ensure a calm and pleasant rest for our guests, to avoid misunderstandings and to share the necessary care. The House Rules apply to all guests staying in the guest house, please read carefully!

Arrival and Departure:

Guest houses are available from 14:00 on the day of arrival. Please let us know in advance by email or phone if you will be arriving earlier. If there are no new guests in the room that day, they can extend their stay on the day of departure (extension fee: HUF 500/person/half hour).

Please leave the guest house by 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure and return the key you received upon check-in. If requested, the host will be present at check-in.

The accommodation fee must be settled in the manner specified in the booking confirmation, at the latest before receiving the key. In the event of unreported damages incurred after departure, we will take legal action against the guest, including filing a police report, and the guest will bear the associated costs. The subsequently incurred and unpaid fee can also be deducted from the guest's bank card.

Room key:

Registered guests receive the guest house key upon check-in. Which is located in a key safe with a number lock next to the entrance. The code for the key safe will be sent as agreed upon (e-mail, SMS) after full payment of the accommodation fee. Please take care of it, because in the event of the key being lost, we charge HUF 5,000 as compensation.


Only registered guests can stay in the guesthouses. The accommodation provider has the right to check whether the paid number of guests is staying there. If you would like to receive a visitor, please let us know. Your invited guests cannot sleep at the hotel or use the local wellness services!

Guests under the age of 14:

Children under the age of 14 can only stay in the guesthouses under parental supervision. The children's attendants are responsible for the children and the damage they cause. Guests under the age of 14 can only use the services of the guesthouses under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

Equipment and Security:

Please use the equipment and tools of the accommodation as intended and observe the fire and accident prevention rules. The equipment in the building can only be rearranged with the prior permission of the host.

The host is not responsible for damages or accidents resulting from improper use. In case of fire, call +36 30 4711373 and emergency number 112 immediately. It is forbidden to use electrical devices in the houses that are not part of the usual travel needs. Indoor equipment (beds, bedding, blankets, tables, chairs, etc.) should not be taken out into the garden. If damage is caused in the accommodation area, the person who caused the damage or his legal representative is obliged to compensate for the damage.

Jacuzzi use:

The 5-person jacuzzi can be used for a fee by everyone at their own risk after being shown how to use it by the maintenance person. On the control panel of the jacuzzi, only the JET1 and the JET2 selection buttons can be used. Bringing food or pouring drinks into the jacuzzi is FORBIDDEN! Drinking in the jacuzzi with glass is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!!! Please use the unbreakable plastic glasses in the guest house for drinking in the jacuzzi! 

You can only enter the jacuzzi after taking a shower Please avoid contaminating the jacuzzi water in any way. Any damage caused in the jacuzzi is the guest's responsibility and must be reimbursed before departure.


Smoking and the use of incense are prohibited in the building, and alcoholic beverages are also prohibited for guests under the age of 18. The areas designated for smoking are: around the fireplace in the garden and the porch in front of the house. Please smoke only in these areas and use ashtrays.


The guest house has a well-equipped kitchen that can be used for meals. In good weather, the terrace is also suitable for dining. Please do not eat in the upstairs rooms to avoid the appearance of ants.

Things that cannot be taken into the guest house area:

Corrosive, flammable chemicals, flammable or explosive substances, fireworks or firecrackers are not allowed in the guest houses. The guest is responsible for items brought in without permission.


They can place their valuables in the coded safe at the accommodation. The accommodation is not responsible for personal valuables (e.g. jewelry, telephones, laptops) and vehicles parked in the yard. Please hand in found objects to the manager of the accommodation.


The use of Wi-Fi is free of charge, but continuous operation is not guaranteed. The guest uses Wifi at his own risk and responsibility.


Please follow the house rules if you come with a dog. It is FORBIDDEN to bring pets into the sleeping area or room upstairs for reasons of hygiene and safety. Make sure that your dog does not disturb the neighbors, does not cause damage and does not pollute the garden. The guest is fully responsible for the damage caused by the pet. The damage caused must be compensated before leaving the accommodation. You can read our full policy here!

Waste management:

Please keep the area neat and clean. Put household waste in the bins in the kitchen and in the rooms. If these are full, put the waste in the large bins at the gate and do not leave unwashed dishes or rubbish in the kitchen when you leave. New garbage bags can be found under the sink.


Please park on the street so as not to restrict the free movement and parking of other building residents!

The peace of the neighbors and the village:

In order to ensure a calm environment, it is forbidden to make noise, listen to music or play loud music between 22:00 and 08:00. The owner reserves the right not to receive guests or to immediately remove them from the guest house in case of scandalous behavior or non-compliance with the policy.


The garden is taken care of by the host. Please take care of the plants. If you notice any problems, please notify the host immediately in order to avoid more serious damage. Notify the manager of the accommodation immediately of accidents or extraordinary events.

The operator's responsibility for compensation:

The operator is not responsible for damage caused to items brought in by the guest. The guest uses the guest house's equipment and services according to their own health, physical and mental condition.


For longer stays, there is weekly cleaning and towel change. Daily cleaning can be requested for an additional fee.

Error report:

Please report any malfunctions to the operator immediately.


Damage caused by negligence or on purpose will be reimbursed by the guest.

Do you have questions about the policy?

If you have further questions or need information about our services, please contact our operator. On site at Páfrány utca 5, or by phone at 06 30 471 1373.