Explore the surroundings of Calm Resort Hertelend

We are waiting for you at the Calm Resort in Hertelend, where the art of rest and relaxation finds its home. Our apartments not only offer comfort and quality, but you can also marvel at the rich program opportunities and attractions of the area. For us, it is important that our guests relax as easily as possible, so we have collected some recommended programs and attractions so that you don't have to plan anymore.


Our thermal spa is located in Baranya County, surrounded by the richest natural values of the resort area. The indoor experience and thermal spa awaits its guests all year round, while the shaded, beautiful beach is open to visitors seasonally. In the two-story spa building, numerous wellness services and the country's unique Sauna Park guarantee rest and relaxation for everyone.

If you're a fan of fine beers, don't miss this craft opportunity. Visit them and try their specialty IPA, Lager and flavored beers. If you are not a fan of beer, now is the time to get familiar with it!
You may need to make an appointment to visit!

In a beautiful forest environment, a dry mill, a paper mill and a water mill are waiting for you to get to know them, and the mill team will be there to help you. In the cellar of the mill, you can taste the divine delicacies of the barn bakery and the cookie workshop, and you can take an easy walk along the Vízfő nature trail that winds through the alder bog. 

One of the country's oldest minigolf centers awaits you with 18 exciting courses full of tricks and challenges. All you need are balls, clubs and holes for a fun family tournament! Come and try yourself, get the best out of the hits!

A lake system consisting of several lakes can be visited at Orfű. Lake Pécs is the largest of the artificial lakes and turns into a true bathing paradise in summer. These lakes are fed and connected by the Orfű stream. Each lake is a perfect destination for hikers and sports enthusiasts, and anglers like to visit it all year round.

Mecsextrém Park awaits its visitors with adventure sports and varied leisure programs. In the park, families, groups of friends and organized tourist groups alike can spend an exciting day in a friendly and sophisticated environment that differs from the usual.

The Komló zoo opened its doors in October 2016, and we have 150 individuals of nearly 60 animal species. The well-being of the animals is a primary concern, because we believe that only a happy animal brings joy to visitors. We welcome those interested in a family environment with friendly, gentle animals. Most of our animals can be petted, walked, fed, interactive and enjoyable.

The sandy beach of Kistó is a paradise for the little ones. If your children love to splash, run in and out of the water, build sand castles, this is the best choice in the sweltering heat! Everyone can find a pleasant bathing opportunity between the slowly deepening sandy shore and the built-up shore that deepens faster. For those who prefer a more active pastime, there is a pedal boat rental, and for those who prefer a more passive relaxation, there is plenty of shade. 

One of the most well-known and popular natural attractions in Mecsek is the Abaligeti cave, famous for its unique shape and stalactites, which is still developing and changing today thanks to the stream that runs along the entire length of the passage. The 466-meter main branch of the cave can be easily explored on foot, as part of guided cave tours that start every hour (the last guided tour starts one hour before closing).

The county and episcopal seat is located at the southern foot of the Mecsek Mountains in the southern part of the country. It is the fifth largest city in the country with a population of 162,000. It was founded by the Romans in the II. century, under the name Sopianae, in the IV. century, it was already a prosperous provincial seat. Pécs is the city of monuments The Early Christian Mausoleum IV. century building is a unique attraction of the city.

In the Kiln Yard, you can see the kilns of the country's various landscape units and the tools and utensils for baking and cooking in the kiln. Mecsek-hegyhát is presented in the Landscape house. In addition to the furnishings and household items, you can also visit an interactive Wild Garlic room, where you can learn everything about the plant.

It starts from the parking lot of the Mill Museum in Orfű, and is almost 1 km long.
The educational trail, which consists of four stages, shows the operation of the water mill and dry mill, the formation and wildlife of the Vízfő cave, the wildlife of the Cave Explorers' spring, turf management, and the protected alder bog forest.

The Mecseki Little Railway has been transporting the little ones from Pécs and families with children visiting the city on the short distance between the Zoo and the Amusement Park for more than half a century. However, not only small children, but also train drivers love this small train. We can proudly say that it has been serving the public for more than half a century.

The Pécs Zoo and Aquarium-Terrárium is located on the Mecsek side, in a beautiful environment. The zoo proudly advertises itself as "Wild above the city!" with a catchphrase, as this is the highest zoo in Hungary.
In the aquarium-terrarium building, one of the most prominent attractions is the 100,000-liter shark aquarium.

The Pécs TV Tower and Lookout Tower can boast of being the tallest building in Hungary. The 197-meter-high tower is located on the Mecsek mountains, exactly on the 535-meter-high Misina peak. This building provides an extraordinary view with the largest circular panorama in Central Europe. The renovated restaurant offers real culinary experiences to our visitors.

The Zsolnay Cultural Quarter is the real beauty of the city, where the rich history of the famous Zsolnay family and the porcelain factory comes alive again. The district offers many sculptures and excellent photo subjects, exciting exhibitions, craft shops and a variety of programs await visitors in many buildings.